I have been studying this incredible cross-section view of the Disney Wish ever since it was first posted on our Instagram feed last week. I knew that many things were going to be different on this brand new ship, but I really had no idea of just how different until I dove into these images. I have been thinking all along that it might just be the restaurants, shops, and lounges that were going to be different, but the actual layout of the ship is nothing like the Disney Dream or the Disney Fantasy.

First of all, I haven’t ever seen one of these cross-section maps for any of Disney Cruise Line’s other four cruise ships, and seeing some of the spaces aboard in this way is just fascinating to me.

While the Disney Wish is the largest ship in the fleet, the difference is ever-so-slight when compared to the Dream and the Fantasy. Both the Dream and Fantasy are 1,115 feet long and 216 feet high whereas the Wish is 1,119 feet high and 221 feet high – differences that I don’t believe could be seen with the naked eye even if the ships were right next to each other. The Dream and the Fantasy both have 1,250 staterooms and the Wish has 1,254.

The space aboard the Wish has been utilized differently and I thought it might be fun to dig into it a bit.

One space the Wish has that is exclusive to this ship is the outside portion of the spa. I’ve heard reports stating that other guests on the ship can see down into this space, so it isn’t completely private to those who have paid to use the area. You can watch an overview video of the spa by following the link.

The image below shows some of the staterooms along with the gym and some indoor spaces in the spa such as a massage room. You can also see some of the backstage areas under the Walt Disney Theatre including the lift that is used to bring props and performers up to the stage.

There is no adult district like we’ve seen on the other ships either. The lounges are scattered here and there throughout the ship which I think is a pretty cool vibe. I am not much for hanging out in an entire section full of lounges and bars so although I’ve been on six cruises as of the time of this post, I have not actually seen the inside of any of the lounges on any of the ships I’ve cruised on. Shocking, I know.

In the image below, you can see Keg & Compass, The Bayou, and the Hyperspace Lounge just under or right off of The Grand Hall.

I also love seeing the decorated stateroom doors in these images! Notice that none of them are the same.

This next image is one that has really helped me realize just how different the Wish is. You can see all of the Kids Clubs right under The Grand Hall connected with a fun slide. Also, note the laundry room down below. Most folks say they wouldn’t do laundry during a cruise, but I am glad the option is there because if you happen to get a stain on one of your favorite pieces of clothing, you might be thrilled to be able to wash it real quick.

We can also see that Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods is located one deck down from the suite in the funnel.

The image below shows all three of the Rotational Dining locations; 1923, Worlds of Marvel, Arendelle, in addition to the industrial kitchen. We can also see the Hero Zone, Inside Out: Joyful Sweets, more staterooms, and the inner workings of some parts of the ship.

This last image shows the aft of the ship where we see Enchanté, Palo Steakhouse, The Rose, and more of the Arendelle and Worlds of Marvel dining rooms.

I’m not sure about you guys, but I would sure love to see this type of artwork displayed on the other ships in Disney Cruise Line’s fleet and I hope they can make that happen one day!

Also, some of our team had a more in-depth discussion about the layout of the Disney Wish on this week’s edition of the Patreon After Show. Learn more about how to join us on Patreon here.

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