When Disney Cruise Line first announced the three rotational dining restaurants that were coming to the Disney Wish, all of us hoped that the menus would be different from those that we’re used to on the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy.

Well, my friends, they are different and while we won’t be sharing our reviews on the food just yet, we tried every item on the menu at Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure and we’ve just got to share the details and show you photos of them all. We’ve got details on 1923 and Worlds of Marvel as well if you’d like to check them out.

Before we dig into all of the menu details, let’s take a look at the atmosphere of the restaurant. As we Disney fans have come to know and love, there are no details left unturned. From the moment you walk up to the restaurant’s host stand, you will feel as though you have arrived in Arendelle itself. From the embroidered napkins to the gorgeous glasses that give off milk glass vibes, it’s just stunning. Any Frozen fans in your family are going to lose their minds.

Now that we’ve checked out the scene, let’s get started with the food details.

I love just about anything that has a flaky pastry or pie crust so the scallops and the tart are the two items that caught my eye on the menu of starters. It’s a good thing that Disney Cruise Line allows guests to order multiple dishes so you can feel free to try more than one. Be sure to scroll through to check out all of the items on the Smorgasbord. I never would have guessed that there were scallops under that beautiful puff of pastry!

Next up is the soup and salad portion of the menu. Again, if you’d like soup as well as a salad, go for it! I am feeling the need to caution you to wear stretchy pants if you’re going to partake in all there is to offer.

Neither of the salad choices sound good to me, but I love a good split pea soup, so I’ll likely give that one a try when I’m at this restaurant.

Next up is the entreé menu. There are quite a few selections here as they’ve got not only a regular selection but there are also vegetarian and lighter options to choose from as well. The Chilean Sea Bass dish is one of my very favorite entrees for dinner and I can’t decide right now if I’d gravitate toward trying something new or stick with what I love. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in a couple of weeks when I’m on the ship. Side note: the Arendelle Kjoftkake is served with 3 meatballs although only 2 are pictured; someone was hungry! Ahem.

Last, but certainly not least, let’s have a look at the dessert menu. Friends, there are a few desserts on this menu that sound fabulous and you might need to work extra hard to save space in your stomach for them. All three of the desserts on the main menu sound just incredible and I would need to have a bite or two of each one. The signature dessert looks and sounds fantastic as well. I’m not much of an orange fan, so I’d probably pass on the Citrus-Almond Cake.

Once you’ve had a chance to peruse the menu, let us know your thoughts on the menu here at this brand new restaurant. Be sure to stay tuned as we’ll be sharing all the photos and details of Worlds of Marvel and 1923 as the team experiences those locations.

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