Yesterday, we explored the space and menu at Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure, one of the main family dining rooms aboard the Disney Wish. Today, we’re going to take a close look at 1923 which is another one of the main dining rooms that is included in your cruise fare as part of the rotational dining that is offered by Disney Cruise Line. You can find details and information for Worlds of Marvel here.

Before we get started with the food, let’s talk a bit about the atmosphere of this restaurant. To be sure, I have not stepped foot into this space just yet, but the photos take my breath away. I can’t help but wonder if these images – like many – don’t do the restaurant justice but at the same time, I am blown away by just how gorgeous it looks. From the props of some of my very favorite films to the drawings that are also weaved into the displays, I feel like I might be leaving my table often to have a look around once I’m inside. I also might be stopping by during the day to take a peek – more than once.

As we’ve learned, 1923 is named after the year The Walt Disney Company was founded and is an elegant celebration of the company’s legacy, paying homage to the golden age of animation and offering a tasteful tribute to its Californian heritage. Seeing these photos makes me feel like the space foots the bill.

Let’s take a tour of the menu at this establishment now that we’ve had the chance to let the atmosphere soak in just a bit.

All of the main dining rooms have a bread service that comes with a house-made dip. At 1923, it’s a Honey Butter Dip. It’s important to note that your server will gladly bring you butter if you’d prefer that so please don’t be afraid to ask.

Out of the four available appetizers, the Burrata with Prosciutto has got my attention. I’m really not much for tuna and duck hasn’t been a favorite of mine when I’ve tried it in the past. Depending on my hunger level at the time, I could be convinced to give the Tortelloni a try.

I’ve always had soup or salad as an appetizer, but on Disney Cruise Line, you can choose an appetizer in addition to both soup AND salad. Pack your appetite.

I think I’d go for the romaine salad and the corn chowder, but if I’m being completely honest, all of these items sound delicious.

There are five entreés on the regular menu and they all sound delicious. I love that there is a pasta dish and I’ve tried Verlasso salmon at The Turf Club at Walt Disney World and loved it, so I’m hoping it’s as good here. The chicken, lamb, and filet dishes also look incredible so I’m thinking that I should probably get started on booking a second cruise on the Wish.

Neither of the vegetarian dishes are sounding appealing to me, but I would definitely try the lobster salad as it looks and sounds incredible.

And finally, the pièce de ré·sis·tance in my world – the dessert menu.

You guys, there are churros on the dessert menu! CHURROS! And they’re served with dulce de leche to dunk them in – YUM-O! I have to say though, the Fuji Apple Cheesecake sounds amazing as does the signature dessert. There is something about the freshness of lemon with blueberry that really floats my boat and if I have anything, it’s a big sweet tooth.

Also, Sweetly Ever After might be my most favorite name of a dessert menu EVER. I’m also in love with the little Hidden Mickey between the 2 and 3 in the name of this restaurant and I love that it’s made an appearance on the cover. The details in this restaurant seem to go on forever and I’m just so excited to step into it.

I’d love to know which items on this lovely menu have caught your attention, so please stop by the comments and share! Be on the lookout soon for our next in-depth look at the main dining rooms on the Disney Wish – Worlds of Marvel.

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