We’ve got a big group of our team currently onboard the brand-new Disney Wish for a media preview cruise, so we’re getting our first in-depth glimpses of the different areas around the ship. We’ve covered The Bayou, Arendelle, and Marceline Market so far. Let’s now take a deep dive into the space where all guests begin their Disney Wish voyage: the Grand Hall.

The moniker “atrium” has been dropped for the Wish’s lobby area; on the new ship, this area is called the Grand Hall. DCL had announced prior to this media voyage that the area would be a bright, open, and airy space with a hint of elegance, and they seem to have hit the nail on the head. The three-story Grand Hall is an homage to all things pixie dust, princesses, and fairy tales.

Speaking of princesses, a bronze statue of Cinderella can be found at the base of the Grand Hall’s massive staircase. You might recall that we had the chance to see a maquette of the Cinderella statue when it was on display inside Walt Disney Presents at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2021.

And bless his little furry heart, Lucifer the cat is perched near the base of the statue just waiting to get his paws on Gus Gus and Jaq.

Cinderella’s glass slipper can be found inside a cloche near the staircase. The perfect photo spot? For sure!

The Grand Hall’s tall columns are inset with pixie dust (a.k.a. fiber optics), and the massive chandelier found at the center of the Grand Hall’s ceiling is filled with crystals and is finished off by a large wishing star at its base.

If you’ve sailed aboard other Disney Cruise Line ships, you might be accustomed to seeing mid-toned brown wood finishes in the atrium. The Grand Hall departs from that standard and sets the scene for what guests will see throughout the ship with its white walls and light-toned finishes. Also different from the other DCL ships, the new space features a stage clad in deep blue velveteen, and a receiving balcony from which our favorite Disney characters greet those below can be found on the top floor of the Hall.

Guests will find continued homages to Cinderella in the Grand Hall’s stained glass railings and rich-hued carpet. If you look closely, you’ll find icons from classic Disney movies in the carpeting.

Children can take a curved slide down from the Oceaneers Club Check-in desk on Deck 3 in the Grand Hall down to the club itself on Deck 2. The Oceaneers Club slide becomes increasingly enveloped in whimsical vines à la Alice in Wonderland as the slide makes its way down from Deck 3 to Deck 2.

Banquette seating areas can be found along the Deck 4 tier of the space.

The Wishing Star Cafe is located to one side of the Grand Hall as well, and looks like the perfect spot to sit and sip a little something.

Which of the Grand Hall’s details do you enjoy the most?

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