Disney Cruise Line has announced today that changes have been made to the Disney Cruise Navigator app, allowing guests sailing aboard the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy to explore onboard spaces and activities in more detail on the fly.

The Explore tab can be found on the app’s home screen, and is crafted with the individual ships in mind. Guests will be able to check out availability and book certain activities like Palo Brunch, spa treatments, and tastings using the Explore tab.

At this time, this functionality is only fully available for the Dream and Fantasy, but will be available for the Magic, Wonder, and Wish in the future. The tab appears at the bottom of the screen for the three other ships, but displays a message saying “A New Way to Explore the Ship – Coming Soon!” once the button has been pressed.

I recently had the chance to sail on the Dream, and I was constantly keeping an eye on the available activities using the Explore tab. I found it to be a great way to know what options were available to me, and which ones weren’t, in realtime.

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