Social Media and the need to have access to the internet on our mobile devices at all times has become a way of life for the majority of us. In fact, most people can do the bulk of their jobs right from their phones if they’ve got a decent internet connection.

While most of the world now offers free WiFi, there is still one major vacation destination that has not caught up with the times and the ever-booming trend of offering free WiFi: Cruising. It is so hard to stay connected to the internet while you are on a cruise ship out in the middle of the ocean without spending an exorbitant amount of money on your cell phone bill.

Let’s look at how the internet currently works aboard the Disney cruise ships.


For assistance with the internet, visit the Connect@Sea desk, which is located in the Promenade Lounge (Deck 3) on the Magic & Wonder, and on Deck 4 near the midship elevators on the Dream & Fantasy. See rates below (subject to change).

Using the onboard WiFi, you can connect anywhere on the ship and chat, post pictures on social media or simply stay connected while at sea.

Due to the technology involved and satellite connectivity, the onboard internet service will be slower than you may be accustomed to and may at times be interrupted or unavailable. This is particularly true on at-sea days when there are more people onboard the ship who are accessing the service.

You can share a single Connect@Sea package. Just login to your account on any device that you want to use to access the Internet. Multiple devices can use the same package simultaneously. The combined usage is tracked on one meter, which can be monitored via the browser window.

The most important thing to remember is that when you are finished using the internet, you need to go to the page displayed in your browser and log out every time. If you or another member of your party forgets to log out when they’re done browsing, your device will use up all of the data you purchased in record time.


  • Pay as you go – $0.25 per megabyte
  • Small package – 100 megabytes for $19 ($0.19 per megabyte)
  • Medium package – 300 megabytes for $39 ($0.13 per megabyte)
  • Large package – 1,000 megabytes for $89 ($0.09 per megabyte)
  • Concierge guests in Cat S, T and V will get 100 free megabytes of internet. 
  • Concierge guests in Cat R will get free internet for the length of the cruise.

Internet plans can be used interchangeably on laptops and desktops throughout the ship. Please note, however, that plans cannot be upgraded once purchased, and a credit will not be issued for unused plan minutes, so make your purchases wisely. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

HOT TIP: On embarkation day, each stateroom gets a 50 megabyte internet package for free but you can only sign up for it through the DCL app on the day you board the ship, so don’t forget! It’s only valid for one free package per stateroom.


You can direct dial, receive phone calls or text anywhere in the world right from your stateroom. Ship-to-shore rates apply and will be posted in your stateroom.

Cell phone service is also available through most major providers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) The ship must be 12 miles out to sea before you can access cell service. NOTE THAT SERVICE IS LIMITED TO THE STATEROOMS. Common areas will not have cell access.

Disney recommends that you contact your cell provider prior to sailing. They can advise what is needed to arrange for access. Pricing varies depending on your wireless provider and international roaming fees will be billed to your account. (These charges vary and can take up to 90 days to appear on your statement.)