When the Disney Wish set sail last month, we learned that the Premium Surf package on board provided a fairly decent connection starting at $30 per day.

We’re happy to report today that similar internet packages are now available aboard the Disney Fantasy as well.

The pricing structure is a little higher for the seven-night voyage on the Fantasy with the Stay Connected package starting from $12 per day, the Basic Surf package starting from $24 per day, and the Premium Surf package starting from $36 per day. The packages on the Wish were priced beginning at $10, $20, and $30 respectively.

When you’re choosing the internet package you’d like, you have the option of paying for 24 hours at a time or selecting internet for the entire voyage. We should also note that these prices are for one device. As you add additional devices, the cost goes up as you can see in the charts below. It’s also important to note that the pricing appears to be different depending on your individual cruise as well as which Disney ship you are sailing on.

We’ll keep you posted as the new internet packages are rolled out to Disney’s other ships.

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