Now that I’ve had more than an entire day to think about all of the details we learned about Disney Cruise Line’s upcoming Disney Treasure ship, I thought I’d share my initial thoughts.

First, I will say that I was quite certain the ship would have the identical layout as the Disney Wish, being that it’s a Triton class ship, and that is the case. I was on two separate sailings on the Wish last year and I have to say, I quite enjoyed the ship both times despite many DCL fans not being in love with it. While it is very different from any other Disney ship – I’ve been on the Dream, Fantasy, and Wonder – I had fun wandering around in all the nooks and crannies. I paid no mind to all the griping that I’d read about how the layout “didn’t make sense” and was full of “dead ends.” After a couple of days of being onboard, the layout became more familiar, and it was easier to find my way around, albeit with a dead end every now and then.

There were two main issues I initially had with the Wish. The first one was with the location of the Cove Cafe, and the second was with the small size of the Cove Pool area. No matter where your stateroom was located on the ship, it was a bit of a trek to get to the cafe, and with so many other places to get coffee onboard, I could always go grab my beloved caffeine fix at another more convenient spot.

The other issue I had was with the size of the Cove Pool area. First of all, the pool is not actually much of a pool at all; you really can’t swim in it. Forget about being able to take a dip on an at-sea day because there just simply isn’t much room, and it’s a super popular place to be. There are two seating areas on either side of the pools, but there isn’t much water in them. Baking in the sun like that is not my idea of being comfy. I’d love to see those filled with water, at least up to your mid-section.

There are tons of lounge chairs all around, but most of them are out in the direct sun. There are few places to sit in the shade besides the chairs directly in front of Cove Bar. The chairs and loungers that are undercover get taken by other guests quickly. Anywhoo, I really wish that the adults-only area of the Disney Treasure was going to be changed up a bit, especially because of the feedback, but it looks like it will be exactly the same as the Wish.

Moving onto dining, I’m so looking forward to a Coco-themed restaurant and show! I love everything about the entire concept, including the glassware that was shown in the online reveal on the tables with the thick blue rim that you often see in a Mexican restaurant. Wouldn’t it be cool if instead of a bread service, they offered chips and salsa? I’m all about it and can’t wait until Disney Cruise Line shares the menu.

I’m also glad that they’re bringing back the Marvel-themed restaurant. I’m more of a Disney fan than a Marvel fan every day of the week, but I loved the food in Worlds of Marvel, and I was pretty entertained by the show in the dining room as well. I’m anxious to learn more specifics on the second show for the Treasure as we know it will be a new one!

Finally, and thank goodness, 1923 will be on the ship! This is by far my favorite of the restaurants and I am just tickled that it’ll be on the Treasure. I could spend hours wandering and perusing through all the display cases – it was one of my favorite things to do after a leisurely breakfast or lunch when things weren’t as hectic as dinner time. I’m excited that the displays include items from Disney’s more adventurous films.

The staterooms all look beautiful, and I am excited that they will differ from those on the Wish. I’m in love with the Aladdin theme, but I’ll probably love them all, knowing me. I love a good design in a stateroom, and we’ve got themes from Disney and Pixar’s Pocahontas, Up, Encanto, The Lion King, and Luca to look forward to! Oh, speaking of a good design, I was hoping that some changes would be made to the storage and dresser drawer situation, but from the looks of the renderings, the furniture pieces will also be the same as what we saw on the Wish. We really need some more drawer space, folks! Especially families traveling with kids. Side note: The drawer on the bottom-right of the image below is a cooler drawer.

As for everything else, I’m looking forward to experiencing it all as soon as possible. I’m excited that the Jungle Cruise-themed Skipper Society will be located in the same place where The Bayou is on the Wish. I do love that central location for grabbing a drink between dinner and the show. I really love the scalloped edges hanging down along the bar, just like what we see on the boat canopies in the theme park attraction. For the record, I happen to be a huge fan of subtlety when it comes to design. I prefer it over a more elaborate, in-your-face design, especially when it comes to Disney. I’m looking forward to seeing more details once we’re able to get a better look.

What are some of the things you’re excited to see when the Disney Treasure begins its inaugural season in December of 2024? Are there things you’re not excited about? Let’s hear those too; sound off in the comments section!

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