Guests onboard recent sailings may have noticed that the option to chat with a crew member within the DCL Navigator app was no longer available. I reached out to Disney Cruise Line and have confirmed that this feature has been temporarily “paused” across the DCL fleet. No word was given on whether or not this feature will return in the future.

Chatting with a crew member was added to the DCL Navigator app for guests onboard when sailings returned during the pandemic. This was done to help encourage social distancing to reduce in-person interactions.

The option to schedule an appointment to speak with guest services in person is still available on the app. On my recent cruise, I never saw appointments available. My assumption is that scheduled appointments aren’t available unless there is a high level of demand to speak with guest services during a particular sailing.

While the guest services chat had been fairly unreliable and full of issues, such as having it crash, I did find it useful when it worked. Along with guest services, the DCL Navigator app had given you the ability to chat with the dining and port adventures teams. This was a great way to be able to chat with the dining team while waiting in the cruise terminal to be placed on the waitlist for experiences such as Palo or Remy.

What are your thoughts on the removal of the chat with a crew member feature? Will you miss it, or did you find it had too many issues to rely on?

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