Disney Cruise Line has shared a sneak peek at some of the “shimmering” new merchandise, snacks, and drinks that are headed to its entire fleet of ships in celebration of the “Silver Anniversary at Sea.”

Up first is the 25th Disney Cruise Line Cupcake featuring vanilla sponge cake crowned with vanilla frosting, 25th chocolate décor, and, shimmering sprinkles. The Mickey Chocolate Sphere, similar to the ones we’ve seen available at The Ganachary at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World, is a chocolate Mickey Mouse sphere that’s embellished with the 25th emblem and filled with a variety of candy pieces.

At both Cabana’s and Marceline’s Market locations, two desserts are getting a Silver Anniversary at Sea upgrade. The 3 Layer Carrot Cake with lemon frosting will add 25th chocolate décor, and the Disney Cruise Line Anniversary Chocolate Marquise will feature rich chocolate truffle crème topped with the 25th chocolate décor as well.

At the concierge lounge, a Chocolate Cream Cookie is enrobed with dulce de leche filling then dipped into rich dark chocolate and decorated with the Silver Anniversary at Sea logo as well as the signature shimmering sprinkles. Also in concierge, a Celebration Cupcake tops a red velvet sponge cake with vanilla frosting, shimmering sprinkles, and 25th chocolate décor.

Of course, Captain Minnie is joining in on the celebration with her own Vanilla Crisped Rice Treat that will be offered at all Cove Café locations. This treat will include special décor for both Minnie and the anniversary.

All signature desserts onboard the entire fleet will be getting a special 25th-anniversary chocolate piece added to their presentations.

Special Coca-Cola bottles adorned with Silver Anniversary at Sea décor will be available at Preludes locations.

The signature Jubilee by the Sea cocktail combines 818 Blanco Tequila, Luxardo Maraschino, and fresh lemon juice with a sparkly, silver dusting and a shimmering blue sugar rim. When you purchase this cocktail, you’ll be given a special bookmark with directions on how to make this sparkling beverage at home. You may spot an exclusive 25th Anniversary coaster and napkins that will be showcased solely during these celebratory sailings.

Available at coffee shops on board, a Specialty Coffee Mug with a unique anniversary design will be for sale. The mug features images of the Disney Cruise Line fleet along with Mickey Mouse. These mugs also come with specialty coffee.

Beer drinkers can bring home a special keepsake from their sailing too – the 25th Anniversary Beer Mug is etched with the 25th anniversary logo.

You might agree that no Disney celebration is complete without a popcorn bucket. For these special cruises, you’ll be able to purchase the Silver Anniversary at Sea Popcorn Bucket showcasing 25 years of Disney Ships from the Disney Magic, all the way to the fleet’s newest addition, the Disney Wish.

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