Details of VP Mike Pence’s Call with Cruise Line Execs Regarding No Sail Order

As we recently reported, the White House has set the end date for the Center for Disease Control’s current No Sail Order at October 31st, 2020. Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence hosted a conference call with government officials and U.S. cruise industry representatives to discuss the order, as well as the ripple effects that COVID-19 has had on the cruise industry. The participants also reviewed Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and the Healthy Sail Panel’s proposed plan regarding the resumption of sailing.

Joining the Vice President on the call were: Dr. Robert Redfield (CDC Director), Alex Azar (Secretary of Health and Human Services), Mike Leavitt of the Healthy Sail Panel (past Governor and HHS Secretary), and cruise line executives from across the industry, including Disney’s Thomas Malzoum. Malzoum currently serves as the President of Disney Signature Experiences, the arm of The Walt Disney Company that governs Disney Cruise Line.

According to the official White House summary of the call, “HHS Secretary Azar and CDC Director Redfield touched on their commitment to the collaborative effort that produced the Healthy Sail Panel’s 74 recommendations, and the Federal government’s support of the industry to safely and responsibly sail again, but cautioned that the cruise industry would have to backstop their venture to resume operations”.

Governor Leavitt provided background information regarding the process by which the Healthy Sail Panel built their proposal, the result of which “…needed to be practical and prioritized safety”.

The proposal for the resumption of sailing now goes to the Task Force, who will ultimately present it to the President in an effort to iron out how to proceed with regard to the No Sail Order.


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7 thoughts on “Details of VP Mike Pence’s Call with Cruise Line Execs Regarding No Sail Order

  • I have been on 5 Alaska cruises… can’t wait for #6. It’s a nice escape from the Arizona heat during the summer.


  • We were booked for an April 2020, rebooked for September 2020, rebooked for April 2021. We are Disney vacation club members and we will be using our points. Through this entire process, we were treated very well.

  • Covid 19 has taken a big toll on cruise lines
    I’ve been over 10 cruises 9 with disney lines and I can tell you cruising is the best for your buck
    I think of the so many people who look forward to take a cruise and wonder how it effected so many lives
    The trickle down effect boggles my mind
    The workers, the island’s, food industries, and so on.
    Let’s come up with a solution fast before they cant survive
    Keep praying that is horrid pandemic goes away

  • For the love of God. They could have outfitted as deck as an ICU on every ship and staffed with full time RNs and MDs around the clock. One less casino and a lot less money hemorrhaging by canceling cruises with no end in sight. If people need everything they have on land then build them everything they have on land. As for not being able to dock in ports it should be a lot point as covid is global at this point. They were hyper obsessed about oranges and apples going ashore before. I can’t even imagine .

  • The numbers have been wildly inflated.Large % of false positives from a test not meant to diagnose patients.This was always about the election.40% of deaths in 5 states.Note states that continue draconian measures.Coumo locks down NY until 11/3….No pandemic….Dempanic.Lets cruise….Disney does it right.

  • I have cruised DCL over 30 +(Platinum) on all 4 ships and 2-3 cruises on “other” cruise lines, have a New Years cruise booked and am sweating bullets that it will be canceled. And we are planning our next Alaskan cruise as we usually cruise 2 + cruises a year and love DCL cruises so hopefully we will get back on the high seas. I am also interested in in the repositioning cruises thru the Panama Canal, will it be happening and will the ports be opening for cruisers to spend ashore.

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