The Disney Wonder has finally arrived in Sydney, Australia! It’s such an exciting time for our region as we celebrate the first series of Disney Cruise Line itineraries in our area. From Sydney to Auckland and everywhere in between, the Disney Wonder will be embarking on an all-new adventure. To mark the occasion, there is a new exclusive line of merchandise available on the website, home to Disney merch for Aussies and Kiwis (New Zealanders) that feature distinctive design elements from our shores. While the descriptions might still sound American (no one ever calls them Koala Bears), and the hats on Mickey and Minnie are missing the distinctive Akubra shape, it’s very exciting to see new merch items released in our area. Take a look at everything currently on offer, with pricing listed in local AUD currency. 

Minnie Mouse Disney Cruise Line Plush, AUD $42.90

Mickey Mouse Disney Cruise Line Plush AUD $42.90

Disney Cruise Line Loungefly Mini Backpack, AUD $135.90

Disney Cruise Line Limited Release Pin, Australia, AUD $32.90

Disney Cruise Line Australia and New Zealand Headband, AUD $75.90

Disney Cruise Line Holiday Captain Hat Ornament, $AUD $42.90

Do you have a favorite in this special collection of Disney Wonder Down Under merch?

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