Today we are asking one of the toughest questions for Would You Rather: DCL Edition. Get ready, because this one is going to test your Disney devotion. Let’s go!

If you could only have one for the rest of your life, Would You Rather visit Disney Parks or Disney Cruise Line? You can’t have both…

Eeeekkk, how does one decide? Let’s see who is ready to devote their Disney life to the seas and who will be swayed to stay on land for Disney theme parks.

4 thoughts on “Would You Rather: DCL Edition – Parks or Cruising?

  • My wife and I went on DCL in 2000 it was the first 7 day Christmas cruise. She said “I’m going to get sea sick “ little did I know she would get sick just from the tug boat taking us out to sea. It was a long 7 days.

  • Decorate!

  • I will prefer cruising.

  • Cruising is like a mini disney park is floating on the ocean Moving place to place wonderful and
    Getting polutiin free fresh clean salty healthy air.

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