One of my favorite – and there are oh so many – things about being on a Disney cruise is all of the little extras that the crew members do to ensure that the Disney differences we fans know and love come through. I always look forward to going to a Broadway-caliber show and then dinner each night of the voyage afterward; it’s just so special. We tend to go to sleep pretty early during our cruises because we’re typically exhausted from the day, and we enjoy ordering room service at the crack of dawn so we can drink coffee and watch the sunrise from our verandah. The magic doesn’t stop after dinner for us, though. There is always a surprise towel animal on the bed waiting to greet us each night, and it’s so fun to see what our stateroom host left. I should also mention that the animals are not always made from towels; sometimes, they’re made with the blanket at the foot of the bed.

I thought I’d share some of the towel animals we’ve gotten over the years and see if you’ve seen the same ones or received different ones during your cruises. One of my favorites from our last cruise is the crab at the top of this post. I love how the pillow chocolates were used as eyes!

This little guy – and I apologize for the fuzzy photo – was adorable. We thought it was a bear, but we weren’t positive about it, and the nose threw us off.

We’ve seen this guy on a few of our cruises, and it’s fun because the blankets are different colors depending on what ship we happen to be on. The red one is from our cruise onboard the Disney Fantasy. I couldn’t find the photo, but the one like this when we were onboard the Disney Dream was made with a blue blanket.

This pumpkin from our Halloween on the High Seas cruise onboard the Disney Wish is my all-time favorite. I’d never seen a pumpkin before and thought it was just the greatest thing.

We’re not 100% sure what kind of animal this guy is, but he looks similar with a few tweaks. One was made with a towel, and the other with a blanket. It’s always fun when the stateroom host uses personal items that are laying around, like sunglasses or the paper Navigator from years back.

This Dachshund was pretty cute too!

We loved this lobster, especially with the red blanket. The swan was cute, too, but the last one below on the right, we couldn’t figure out what in the world they were going for there. We thought it could be a seal, but I’m not convinced. If you have any guesses, leave them in the comments section for me!

Please share your favorite towel/blanket animals in the comments section below!

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