We loved sailing on Disney Cruise Line’s flagship, the Magic. It’s one of the smaller ships in the fleet and it feels both classic and intimate, in comparison to the newer and larger ships in the DCL family. Our stateroom preference when sailing on the Magic tends to be on Deck 2 in an Oceanview Stateroom. There are plenty of reasons why Deck 2 is worth considering on your next DCL cruise.

Why Deck 2 is the perfect stateroom location on the Disney Magic.

Pros of Deck 2 on the Disney Magic:

Deck 2 on the Disney Magic is comprised of both Inside and Oceanview staterooms. So if either of these room categories appeal to you, it is worth considering deck 2.

Deck 2 is quiet without any real foot traffic, because the deck is staterooms only. We enjoyed this especially at night, because there was never any real hallway noise when we were trying to sleep.

Deck 2 on the Disney Magic is quiet with no real foot traffic. Photo: Lisa Rufle

The Afterhours area of the Disney Magic is directly above on Deck 3 which gives those staying on deck 2 easy access. If we decided to enjoy a few after-dinner drinks, it was an easy walk down one flight back to our stateroom.

Also on Deck 3 is Rapunzel’s Royal Table, Lumiere’s, and Guest Services. We found that having quick access to both rotational dining locations made it easy for us to get ready for dinner and not have to rush as much as we may have if we were higher on deck. Also, we found that being close to Guest Services allowed us to always be able to grab a printed version of the next day’s onboard Navigator before bed.

If shopping is your thing, deck 2 is just two floors below White Caps and Mickey’s Mainsail (deck 4), the two onboard shopping areas. This makes it easy to carry all your souvenirs back to your stateroom.

Deck 2 is also two decks down from the Walt Disney Theater, The D Lounge, and Animator’s Palette (all on deck 4). A very convenient walk for when the elevators are packed.

Deck 2 on The Disney Magic is convenient to the Walt Disney Theater so it’s easy to enjoy a show. Photo: Lisa Rufle

Deck 2 is also priced lower, due to the room categories, so you can find a good deal if you are searching for a DCL bargain.

Cons of Deck 2 on the Disney Magic:

For some people, the location is less desirable simply because it is lower on the ship. Or this deck does not accommodate the room type you are looking to book. For example, if you are looking for a different stateroom category like a verandah or concierge room, you would need to book a room on a higher deck.

Because of its location directly below the Afterhours lounges, there will be some noise. But it’s important to remember that that area closes around midnight and then it gets very quiet. We were directly below Keys Lounge on a Disney Magic sailing and while we did periodically hear some muffled music, it wasn’t something that was bothersome. However it is worth taking this into consideration if you have small children, or you are someone who likes to go to bed early.

If Afterhours are your thing, Deck 2 is only one floor below the Afterhours area on the Disney Magic. Photo: The Dis

While deck 2 is convenient to many popular areas of the ship, it is also quite removed from other areas. For instance, the Kid’s Clubs and Nursery are located on deck 5. If you have small kids that will be using either of these services during your sailing, you may want to consider how close you want to be to them. Also keep in mind that deck 9 is going to be where Cabanas, Cove Cafe, the spa, the pools, Club Edge (for tweens), and all your grab and go quick meals and snacks are located.

Because the Disney Magic is a smaller ship, even those with staterooms on lower decks don’t feel removed from the activity on the higher decks. Photo: The Dis

In my opinion, deck 2 is a great spot on the Disney Magic solely because of its location. It’s quiet but has easy accessibility to popular areas of the ship. And because the Magic isn’t an overwhelmingly large ship, you never feel too far away from anything, including the top decks where most of the activity takes place during the day. We wouldn’t hesitate to book another DCL sailing stateroom on deck 2.

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