When you embark on a Disney cruise that has one or two at-sea days, you might need to think outside of the box a bit and participate in some onboard activities that you never have before.

Bingo was that activity for Elaine Edwards and me during our most recent cruise. Although I’ve been skeptical in the past about spending the money for it, I’m glad I went for it this time because I got to see firsthand what all the fuss was about.

First things first, though, there are some things that you need to know before getting started. Bingo on Disney cruise ships is incredibly popular and will sell out. Typically, Bingo is held more than one time per day, so you should have several options to choose from during the length of your cruise. If you want to play, you need to go to the Bingo location at least 30-minutes prior to the presale start time listed in the DCL app to buy your cards. The line can get really long, really fast. In our case, Azure on the Disney Wonder was the place to be!

During our cruise, there were special “deals of the day” that made Bingo a bit more affordable for two of us to play. We paid $60 for what was called a “Family Pack” that included two 24-chance electronic handsets along with two packs of paper cards with three cards per game per person. There were even more affordable packages as well, and the pricing varies per ship. The options on this cruise were as follows:

  • Family Pack $60
  • 48 Electronic Cards $50
  • 24 Electronic Cards $40
  • Double 3-Pack $30
  • 3 Paper Cards $20

The electronic handset was really cool as it would automatically mark the squares for you as the numbers were called. The paper cards are now placed in reusable plastic sleeves that are pretty heavy-duty. Each guest is given a dry erase marker, so you have to pay close attention to those ones and mark them yourselves. The Bingo host will advise you of how long you have after the number is called out to yell BINGO.

Speaking of the Bingo host, they are the ones who make this experience a lot of fun. They tell silly jokes and really know how to get the crowd involved. Kids are allowed to play Bingo, too, and there was one in our group that was as silly as can be and yelling out all kinds of shenanigans throughout the game. The host interacted individually with the kiddo, and it was cracking everyone up for a little while. The host knew just what to do when things got to be a bit much. It was perfect.

Neither Elaine nor I won this time around, but it was so much fun, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. There was a decent amount of money to be won, and I always enjoy watching other folks get excited when they win.

Have you ever played Bingo during your Disney cruise? Tell me about your experience in the comments; I’d love to hear it!

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