What You Need to Know about the 1820 Society When Sailing with Young Adults on Disney Cruise Line

As an avid Disney cruiser, I get asked if my older kids – all ages 16 through 21 years – still like to sail on Disney Cruise Line. To which I say, “Of course they do!” In fact, I get a healthy dose of side-eye with a dash of attitude when we inform our older children that we are cruising without them.

When we do sail together we know that Disney certainly hasn’t forgotten about the young adults in our family. So, when planning my cruise I find it helpful to know what activities Disney has planned just for them.

What Is the 1820 Society?

If you’ve never heard of it, you aren’t alone. Little is usually said about this group, but as the number of young adults who grew up sailing with Disney increases, I think more information will become readily available.

Check out your Personal Navigator for information on 1820 Society gatherings.
Check out your Personal Navigator for information on 1820 Society gatherings.

To find the gatherings you need to have your Personal Navigator handy because the 1820 Society is not a dedicated space on the ship like Vibe or Edge. Instead, Disney Cruise Line hosts a series of gatherings and activities throughout the ship and on Castaway Cay geared specifically for guests ages 18-20 years old.

What are These Activities?

I was curious about this too. A quick glance at your Personal Navigator – on the app or the paper version left in your stateroom – will let you know what is going on each day. This list is only a sampling of what you might find during your cruise. 

  • Stir It. Blend It. Taste It. – at Cove Cafe
  • Lunch together in a Main Dining Room like Royal Court
  • Mini-Golf on Goofy’s Sports Deck
  • Game/Trivia Challenges in the onboard pub, lounge or Cove Cafe
  • Bike Ride at Castaway Cay
  • Ice Cream Social at Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats (Dream only)
O'Gills pub
Games and Trivia events are often held in onboard pubs like O’Gills.

All of the Activities Are Free

Yes, I said free! It’s hard to find anything for free these days on Disney Cruise Line, but guests participating in 1820 Society gatherings are not charged for activities, beverages or food items that would normally incur a charge.

Beverages at Cove Cafe may cost extra for you and me, but if they are served as part of 1820 Society gatherings, they are complimentary to participants. Likewise, bikes on Castaway Cay that are normally rented are free for the 1820 kids.

Bike rental shack on Castaway Cay
Bike Rides on Castaway Cay – Photo from wdwinfo.com

My Tip for Reluctant Young Adults: Have Them Go to the First Meeting

Do you have a young adult or two traveling with you? Chances are they are occasionally reluctant about something – I prefer the term stubborn-headed, but that may just be my kids. 

Where Edge and Vibe are a known and reliable thing, there is a bit of uncertainty surrounding 1820 Society, and kids in this older age group may be reluctant to join in the activities. 

My advice is simple: Always go to the first meeting. This is where Crew Members gauge interest in participation during your specific sailing. The gathering is often held in Cove Cafe or in another adults-only space. Worst-case scenario, they are out 30 minutes. On the flip side, they get a free coffee and might just have a great time with other cruisers their age.

Other Activities for Young Adults on Disney Cruise Line

One of the coolest aspects of the 1820 Society is that many of the activities take place in the dedicated adults-only areas on the ship, and chances are this is the first time these kids have been welcomed into these spaces. 

Your young adult(s) can certainly enjoy the adults-only shows in the pub and lounges each evening. They can also spend time at the onboard fitness center, juice bar, Quiet Cove Pool and Cove Cafe.

My sons enjoy the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, and now that they are a part of the Disney family, you will often find one or more of these movies being shown on the big screen in the Buena Vista Theatre during your cruise. If they are super fans, consider sailing on a cruise with a Star Wars Day at Sea or a Marvel Day at Sea.

Iron Man (in costume)
Meet your favorite Marvel characters at sea – Photo from wdwinfo.com

And if your cruise includes a stop at Castaway Cay, your young adults can now enjoy Serenity Bay and the lunchtime offerings there.

The New Tween-Hood

Parents know about the early tween years – that awkward time between childhood and the teen years. However, there is a second “tween-hood” that occurs from the time they become a legal adult at 18 and before the age of 21. This stage comes with it’s own challenges and awkwardness, but rest assured your adult children can still have an amazing vacation with Disney Cruise Line.

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