When I woke up one morning to the news from our very own Jackie Gailey to say that Disney Cruise Line was finally coming to Australia, I almost fell over. Talk about a dream come true! Of course, I have to spend the hours that followed looking for all the information I possibly could. I have seriously been needing this to happen for years now, putting all of my positive vibes into the universe, even attempting to armchair-engineer my own new itineraries back in 2020.

Disney Cruise Line has released more information on locations, dates, and itineraries that will be on sale from September 29th to the general public. Here is the rest of the booking schedule:

  • 9/25 (9/26 in Australia) – Platinum Castaway Club Members
  • 9/26 (9/27 in Australia) – Gold Castaway Club Members
  • 9/27 (9/28 in Australia) – Silver Castaway Club Members
  • 9/28 (9/29 in Australia) – General Public

Ready to take a look? Let’s start with where the Disney Wonder will be visiting:

Of course, Sydney is where it’s at – not that I am biased at all. So I guess it might be time to check out dates, prices, and all that jazz, right? Here are all the details DCL has released as of right now. Something to keep in mind is that Australian dates are written a little bit differently from the USA; we place the day before the month, then the year.

Cruises from Sydney
Sail Dates: 28/10/23, 01/11/23, 24/12/23, 28/12/23, 03/01/24, 05/01/24, 08/01/24, 12/01/24, 14/01/24, 20/01/24, 23/01/24, 12/02/24

Prices starting from (for 2 nights on 12/01/24, per person based on double occupancy): Inside Stateroom: US$720
Oceanview Stateroom: US$789
Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah: US$918

Concierge Stateroom with Verandah: US$1741

Cruises from Melbourne
Sail dates: 03/11/23, 05/11/23, 09/11/23, 12/11/23, 16/11/23, 26/01/24, 30/01/24, 02/02/24, 05/2/24, 09/02/24

Prices starting from (for 2 nights on 03/11/23, per person based on double occupancy): Inside Stateroom: US$546
Oceanview Stateroom: US$593
Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah: US$689

Concierge Stateroom with Verandah: US$1281

Cruises from Brisbane

Sail Dates: 08/12/23, 11/12/23, 15/12/23, 20/12/23, 22/12/23

Prices starting from (for 2 nights on 20/12/23, per person based on double occupancy): Inside Stateroom: US$755
Oceanview Stateroom: US$821
Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah: US$951

Concierge Stateroom with Verandah: US$1760

Cruises from Auckland

Sail Dates: 21/11/23, 25/11/23, 28/11/23, 01/12/23, 04/12/23

Prices starting from (for 3 nights on 28/11/23, per person based on double occupancy): Inside Stateroom: US$760
Oceanview Stateroom: US$818
Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah: US$929

Concierge Stateroom with Verandah: US$1705

– Disney Cruise Line

You can view the official document here.

Let me know which locations you are looking forward to the most. I’ll give you a hint, the correct answer is Sydney!

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