Disney Cruise Line does not lack in theming at all and it’s actually one of my favorite aspects of sailing with Disney. From the thought put into Palo to the incredible kid’s clubs, Disney knows how to integrate stories on Disney Cruise Line ships to create interesting and entertaining spots to hang out at. One of my favorite spots to enjoy is O’Gills Pub on the Disney Magic and Disney Fantasy.

O’Gills Pub is nothing more than an Irish pub, but it’s a special and welcoming bar. O’Gills Pub is located in the Europa adult section on the Disney Fantasy and After Hours on the Disney Magic. O’Gills was created for the Disney Fantasy, but it was definitely plussed when it was added to the Disney Magic during its 2013 re-imagining.

I experienced O’Gills for the first time on the Disney Magic, so I definitely prefer it to the version on the Disney Fantasy. It’s large, but the dark woods and greens that adorn the restaurant make it feel more cozy and comfortable. It’s not out of place to have trivia or entertainment happening in the pub, and there’s also plenty of televisions in the bar so you won’t miss out on any games happening while you are away. The Disney Fantasy version has a lot of charm, but it can be overly crowded during prime drinking hours.

I probably should’ve started with the beer. O’Gills doesn’t have the best beer selection on any Disney ship. I’d give that award to Pub 687 on the Disney Dream. However, it has O’Gills, which is a red lager keeping the theme cohesive.

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Besides a beer named O’Gills, it also has a great backstory. Many would tie O’Gills to Disney because of the Disney classic Darby O’Gill and the Little People, but O’Gills isn’t really connected to that movie at all. The story, which is backed up in the bar plenty of imagery, is about a fish named O’Gills who saves a leprechaun and gets a wish in return. O’Gills only wish is to share a pint with his new friend and just like that, you have a bar.

O’Gills on the Disney Magic is actually a multi-purpose pub, because the bar actually turns into the Snuggly Duckling on the Tangled night of the cruise. Special decor is hung throughout the bar that looks like it came right out of Tangled, plus there is special games and entertainment. I hate that it hides the theming of O’Gills for a night, but it’s actually pretty fun and a perfect fit.

Even if you’re not a drinker or prefer capping your nights off in another part of the ship, give O’Gills a chance next time you’re on the Disney Fantasy or Disney Magic and you won’t be disappointed. Cheers!

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