If you happened to be keeping an eye on our Twitter feed during the Destination D23 event last weekend, you may have seen some updated images of the Disney Wish which is under construction at the Meyer Werfet Shipyard in Papenberg, Germany.

It’s so exciting to see these updated photos as the ship really takes shape. Check out the forward funnel where the first of its kind two-story royal suite will be located. The Wish Tower Suite is a 2,000 square-foot space that will provide guests with exceptional views of the ocean.

The last block was mounted on the Disney Wish back in August.

Even the “stern filigree” is complete and Disney Imagineer Philip Gennotte says that this is just a preview of what’s to come on the “bow filigree” and they will have more to share soon.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, “the Disney Wish is nearly complete from a construction point of view.” Work is continuing on the interior outfitting, cabin installations, and ship commissioning.

Take a peek at the time-lapse video below to enjoy the last few months of the journey!

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