I was overjoyed when my fiance asked me to marry him.  I began researching some of our favorite venues in the city where we live, but they came with a very hefty price tag.  After a disappointing search for affordable venues, my fiance suggested that we change gears and tie the knot on a Disney Cruise.  I was thrilled but tried to remain cautiously optimistic.  The Disney Fairytale Weddings I had seen on tv were elaborate and sure to be beyond our budget.  We did a little research and were pleasantly surprised!  We learned that Disney offers a variety of wedding options for a wide range of budgets and tastes.  One of the most affordable options was a Disney Cruise Line wedding.  Here are the 7+ reasons we chose to have a DCL wedding.

The Venues are stunning.  If you’ve decided to have a destination wedding, DCL offers a variety of romantic settings.  From intimate lounges and grand atriums to beautiful private beaches like Castaway Cay, there’s a setting to meet almost every need. Disney Cruise Line is a premium brand known for its attention to detail and theming.  They want to look as good in your pictures as you do. From the light fixtures to the flooring, everything is carefully designed for beautiful optics. If memorable pictures are important to you, you can count on DCL to give you a fantastic backdrop.

DCL provides upfront pricing.  The wedding industry can be a shady business full of secret pricing and hidden upcharges. For a wedding newcomer, it can be difficult to compare vendors and venues. It was a breath of fresh air when my Dreams Unlimited Travel agent, Beth Fejer, forwarded the wedding packet to me from Disney Fairytale Weddings and the pricing for everything was listed.

Inclusive packages keep costs down.  The DCL wedding package includes many wedding essentials that are usually an upcharge at local wedding venues: a shoreside & onboard wedding planner, the venue space, an officiant, a pianist, flowers, cake, and champagne or cider. It also includes a few lovely extras for the couple like steaming for their wedding attire, dinner for two at PALO and a $100 stateroom credit. Catered meals and appetizers are an upcharge, but dining is included in all of your guest’s cruise packages, so you can get by without adding catering. Just give Disney or your travel agent a call and have them seat your wedding party together at rotational dining.  You can have a lovely three or four-day cruise plus a DCL wedding for around $10,000 – $15,000 depending on the season and itinerary.  Dropping that kind of money isn’t for everyone, but I would argue that’s a pretty good deal compared to the average cost of a wedding in the United States.


You can stress less with Disney quality service.  I obsess and stress over hosting events.  My fiance was worried that trying to find the perfect venue, officiant, florist, baker, music, etc. would drive me batty.  And in turn, I might drive him batty.  I was surprised when he suggested we get married on DCL, but he knew from our 10+ years together and past Disney experience that we could trust DCL to take care of the details. Not worrying about how to keep a cake cool during transportation or why the florist is running late is priceless to me on such an important day. The only thing you’ll have to worry about after booking a DCL wedding is invitations and what to wear.

Disney doesn’t discriminate.  I have a blended, biracial and multicultural family. The little comments and questions that we sometimes receive when we travel to other locations can be an uncomfortable experience. Disney cast members have always treated us with respect and for the most part, other Disney guests have too. You can trust that DCL won’t bat an eye if you book a same-sex, mixed-race or multicultural wedding.

The honeymoon starts right away.  Enjoy your free dinner at PALO and let your troubles drift away. You’re on a cruise ship visiting beautiful beaches, viewing majestic mountains, or taking in awe-inspiring glaciers. Your meals are taken care of,  your room is attended, plus DCL will entertain your kids. Many newlyweds already have children and good childcare can be hard to find. With DCL you can relax, book a spa appointment or a mixology class, and enjoy your honeymoon while your kids have a blast in the kid’s clubs.


A cruise is fun! Keeping guests entertained and happy is a concern for a lot of new couples and a DCL cruise is a good time for all ages. Take a dip in the pool, catch a comedic game show, solve a mystery, enjoy a musical, or order room service and enjoy the views. The options are endless and I am certain that the guests who cruise with you for your wedding will never forget it.

Disney cruises book quickly and wedding time slots are limited.  If you’re a Disney fan or just a fun-loving couple and you’ve decided to have a destination wedding, don’t hesitate to request a no-obligation cruise quote today.

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