In this episode, the panel discusses their reasoning behind why you should consider a 3 or 4-night sailing on Disney Cruise Line from building up your Castaway Club status quickly to saving money!

One thought on “Reasons to Consider a 3 & 4-Night Sailing on Disney Cruise Line

  • Great show!

    So as far as the cruise first or World first argument…Usually our decision on it has to do with the schedule more than anything else. Especially when there is only so much work time off. Our upcoming trip, we are doing cruise, then World, because the cruise leaves on a Friday (I have Fridays off so I don’t have to take off), gets in on a Monday and then gives us several days at World. If we go to World first, then the cruise….with the cruise going into the following week (Monday), it doesn’t really work out without having to take extra time off. On 4 nights, that’s even tougher, because they typically leave on Monday, get in on Friday, which means the days at World are very limited. 1) You are kind of stuck with weekend days, which are the busier days and more expensive at the resorts 2) You either only get one or two days at World or you can sandwich the cruise between World weekend stays, but you sort of have to weight out the hassle of the back and forth of it.

    Now, I’ve done both and here is why I prefer Cruise, then World. It is much more difficult for me to jump from a cruise back into the real world than it is for me to be at WDW and jump back into the real world. So, to be on the cruise on Monday and then be back at work on a Tuesday is pretty jarring for me. So, the ability to be on the cruise, get back on land, enjoy the WDW side of things, let the vacation wind down. Then, that last day, you are packing and settling up your bill and waiting for Magical Express and there feels like a much more natural de-escalation of the vacation. Just my 2 cents 🙂

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