In this episode, the panel discusses pro tips for your embarkation day like skipping the buffet and sitting down for your meal, going straight to the spa, and a lot more.

  • 01:56 📄 Ensure you have all necessary documents for embarkation day, even if you uploaded them during online check-in.
  • 04:10 🛂 For a one-year-old on a closed-loop cruise, a birth certificate is sufficient, but a passport is recommended for added security.
  • 07:08 ✈️ Arrive at the port at least one day in advance to account for potential travel delays.
  • 08:16 📱 Download and update the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app to complete the health survey and receive important notifications.
  • 12:23 💰 Tip the porters at the port to ensure your bags are handled safely and quickly.
  • 13:04 ⏰ Arrive at the port at your assigned Port Arrival Time, not boarding time.
  • 14:12 🍽️ Consider going to a table service restaurant like Enchanted Garden for embarkation day lunch to avoid the long lines at Cabanas.
  • 16:16 🌸 Buy Rainforest Room passes or inquire about spa deals and discounts on embarkation day.
  • 17:41 🚢 Visit the Excursion desk or Cruise Activity desk to make last-minute reservations and adjustments for activities and dining.
  • 18:18 🍴 If you have specific dietary needs, meet with the dining team and head chef to discuss your requirements and ensure a safe dining experience.
  • 21:35 🛡️ Pre-register your children for the kids’ clubs during online check-in and pick up their identification bracelets on board.

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