So, here we are – another summer DCL release. I’m always interested in how people react to these releases. There’s always the “wow, that’s expensive” reaction. Even to seasoned DCL cruisers who know the price points, sometimes it can be daunting. I advise everyone interested in any cruise at all with Disney to book very early as that is when the pricing is the lowest.

Let’s start off with some sample prices we’ve seen at Dreams Unlimited Travel. Now, keep in mind, these prices are from opening day for platinum Castaway Club members. These represent the lowest prices available. As the ships fill, the price goes up.

First, we have some pricing for next year’s Alaska sailings. Something to note – if you travel Alaska in shoulder seasons (mid-May / late August-early September), the prices tend to be considerably lower. Also, so are the temperatures in Alaska. For example, we saw a 7-night Alaska sailing in a category 7A (verandah) on September 6, 2021, for $5009.21. Let’s contrast that with a 7-night Alaska sailing on July 12 in a category 4a (Deluxe family stateroom, which is larger than other verandah staterooms). The price for 2 adults and one child was a bone-chilling $16,391 and that was without trip insurance.

Next, let’s take a look at Europe. The same rule of thumb applies – shoulder seasons (first few sailings or last few sailings of the season) are usually better bets price-wise. This is a classic example:

7-night Mediterranean cruise leaving Barcelona ending in Rome on June 4th for 2 adults in a category 10A (inside stateroom) was $6,046.28. The same sailing, in the same stateroom for the same 2 adults just two weeks earlier (May 22) was $4276.90

It’s the European cruises that tend to get the most pushback. It’s not just the price of the cruise. You have to add airfare to Europe, as well as at least one or two pre-nights. These can be VERY expensive cruises for Americans. However, one comment on that I found intriguing was from the standpoint of a Disney fan in Europe – and how she views it:

This is just a quick glance at some of what we’re seeing right now. I’ll put together another comparison in a few days, when we start seeing pricing for Gold and Silver Castaway Club, as well as the general public.

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Full disclosure: I am a co-owner in Dreams Unlimited Travel, so you know it’s good 🙂

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