In honor of May the 4th, Disney has released additional information regarding the brand new Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge that’ll be coming to the Disney Wish when it begins voyages in summer of 2022. Our first peek at the lounge was provided on Thursday, and we’re excited to get a bit of additional detail regarding the inspiration behind the lounge and the offerings that will be available once the ship sets sail.

The space will be designed to replicate an exclusive, “luxurious yacht-class spaceship” akin to that of Dryden Vos, as seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story. A window just behind the bar will treat guests to scenes from Tatooine, Batuu, Mustafar, and, announced this morning, Coruscant. The space will also be outfitted with surround sound audio and a “holotube“ that will feature holographic replications of ships that happen to be nearby.

The Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge will be open in the evenings, and will offer tastings and signature Star Wars-themed cocktails.

Are you looking forward to sipping something bubbly in this sleek new space?

Source: Disney Parks Blog

3 thoughts on “Disney Wish: Additional ‘Star Wars’ Lounge Details Released!

  • This looks awesome! I can’t wait to sail on the Wish and get a chance to check this out (along with all the other awesome features that have been announced . . .)

  • There had better be additional adult bars. Not everyone is into Star Wars.

  • I like change, but I am not a fan of how DCL is becoming engulfed in Star Wars and Marvel theming. I like the classic cruise-theme Disney has. Double-stack ships, deco font, and the outlets maintained a regal design while incorporating a different theme that indirectly connected them to Disney in some way without shoving it in your face. I would prefer a standard cruise over the Star Wars and Marvel themed cruises, but now I don’t have a choice on this ship with the Marvel dining. I LOVE both Star Wars and Marvel…I love the new land in HS and would love to see Avengers campus in Disneyland…but when I am on a cruise, I want to be on a cruise. Unpopular opinion?

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