Disney Cruise Line Still Working to Get Crew Home, Waiting for Commercial Travel Clearance

UPDATE 07/28/20: The Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy are still Provisionally Green this week.

There is some movement on the list, however, with several Royal Caribbean and Celebrity ships earning Green status.

UPDATE 07/21/20: There is no change this week. The three Disney ships that are being monitored by the CDC are still Provisionally Green.

UPDATE 07/14/20: Once again, there are no changes to the status of the Disney Cruise Line ships. The Disney Dream, Fantasy, and Wonder are all at Provisionally Green status with the CDC.

The Disney Magic is still in Europe and not being tracked by the CDC.

UPDATE 07/07/20: There have been no changes this week to the status of the Disney Cruise Line ships, with all three remaining Provisionally Green pending the approval of a response plan.

UPDATE 06/30/20: As of today’s update, The Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wonder are all at Provisionally Green status, pending review of Disney Cruise Line’s response plan. Disney is not alone, as most other cruise line are still waiting for their plans to be approved.

There is still just one ship, the Grand Celebration from Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, that is Green status and allowed to transport their crew using commercial transportation.

While the Wonder is Provisionally Green, a crew member died aboard the ship last week and is being tested for COVID-19. A positive test result would move the ship to Provisionally Yellow status.

UPDATE 06/24/20: The CDC has made their weekly update to the color-coded status for cruise ships wishing to utilize commercial transportation for their crew.

The Disney Dream remains at Provisionally Red, while the Disney Wonder moves up to Provisionally Green. The Disney Fantasy moves down to Provisionally Yellow. Currently, none of the Disney ships are allowed to use commercial transportation for crew members.

The CDC will continue to update the list each Tuesday.

Disney Cruise Line is still waiting for approval from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to be able to fly crew members home using commercial travel, in the mean time, two ships visited Barbados recently to drop off crew.

The CDC has created a new color-coded system to determine if ships can transfer and repatriate crew using commercial transportation. The new system only applies to crew and is not related to the current No Sail Order for passengers.

Only ships meeting the GREEN status are allowed to use commercial transportation for crew. In order to receive a GREEN rating, ships must have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 for 28 days. Additionally, any crew transferred aboard from another ship must have come from a ship with no confirmed cases of COVID-19 for 28 days. Any crew coming from land must have been quarantined for 14 days.

YELLOW status indicates a ship previously received the GREEN status, but had a pending positive COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction test.

RED status means that there have been one or more confirmed COVID-19 cases within the last 28 days.

Currently the Disney Fantasy has a provisional GREEN status, pending plans or other paperwork that need to be submitted to the CDC. The Disney Wonder and Disney Dream have a provisional RED status. The Disney Magic is still in Europe and is not currently being reviewed by the CDC.

The CDC plans on updating their color status table each Monday afternoon.

While waiting for CDC approval, the Disney ships continue visiting various foreign ports in attempt to get crew home. Recently, the Disney Dream and Disney Wonder visited Bridgetown Port in Barbados dropping several hundred crew members. Around 400 boarded charter flights, while another 262 flew on a British Airways flight.

The Wonder, which had been in San Diego in anticipation of its Alaska season, recently returned to the east coast through the Panama Canal to help get crew home.

Source: CDC / DisneyCruiseLineBlog / Loop News Barbados

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