According to an article from Orlando Sentinel today, a federal court has granted a preliminary injunction against the CDC and their conditional sail order that has been holding back the cruise line industry. The ruling was made by US District Judge Steven Merryday as part of a larger lawsuit from the state of Florida alleging the CDC has overstepped its bounds with its orders in regards to cruise lines.

So what does this all mean? Well, it’s not quite over yet. The ruling is giving the CDC until July 2nd to propose more flexible parameters for the cruise line industry. After July 18th, whatever the parameters are from the CDC, they are to be considered more as guidelines. The court recognized that the state of Florida would be harmed economically if the order continues.

Regardless of how things shake out, today’s win sends a big message. What might this mean for cruisers? For starters, it is likely we will see fewer restrictions including no vaccine requirement for sailings. This will eliminate the need to restrict families with young children from sailing as well.

Time will only tell, but it’s looking like we should see more cruises hitting the waters this summer.

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