CLIA Announces New COVID-19 Testing Policy

CLIA, Cruise Lines International Association, has released a statement regarding their new COVID-19 global testing policy for both guests and crew.

According to the statement, once cruise lines resume sailing, they will be required to test 100% of travelers and crew members for COVID-19. Passengers and crew alike will need to test negative before they are allowed passage.

Disney Cruise Line is a member of CLIA, but has not issued a statement of their own regarding the new policy.

So, the questions of the day seem to be: will DCL follow suit? As a member of CLIA, one would assume that they would. How do you feel about the new 100% testing policy?

Source: @CLIA

One thought on “CLIA Announces New COVID-19 Testing Policy

  • October 8, 2020 at 12:25 am

    I think testing before cruising is a great idea! I’m just wondering with all of the false positives occurring with the start of European departures testing, what will passengers do if they get turned away for a false positive. Airfare and hotel and vacations are pieces that are not easily movable should you get a false positive and then have to wait for the 2nd more accurate test to come back. I wonder what the cruise industry will do about future cruise credit, refunds, etc. Insurances are not covering this virus in most cases.

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