According to a report from Axios, Robert Redfield with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention argued today for an extension of the current “no sail” order to February 2021. Vice President Mike Pence said the administration disagrees and plans to extend the order to October 31, 2020.

The current “no sail” order expires September 30th, however, members of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) have already cancelled cruises through at least October 31st. Disney Cruise Line has extended their cancellations through early December.

The administration is looking for the cruise lines to demonstrate that they can sail safely and deal with any possible outbreaks. Representatives from the cruise lines are set to meet with the officials from the White House on Friday, after which a decision will be made.

The CDC has not commented nor made any official announcement extending the “no sail” order.

Source: Axios

One thought on “CDC Wants to Extend No Sail Order to February 2021, White House Says October 2020

  • Seriously? The White House is going to tell us when to jam 5000 people onto a ship, instead of the CDC? At least the cruise lines seem to have more sense than our government!!

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