One of the excursions Disney Cruise Line offers for an additional fee during an Alaska sailing on the Disney Wonder is an up close and personal visit to one of the glaciers along the Inside Passage.

The night before this incredible excursion, the ship’s captain explained that the weather would determine whether we headed up Endicott Arm to see the Dawes Glacier or if we’d go up Tracy Arm to see the South Sawyer Glacier.

As it turned out, we did end up in Tracy Arm, but we got to see the South Stewart Glacier!

For the excursion, you board a tender boat directly from the Disney Wonder, which then takes you much closer to the glacier than the ship is capable of getting. The ramp can be at a fairly decent angle, but the surface is not slippery and as long as you hang onto the rails on both sides, you should be alright.

The tender boat has three levels and there was even a cafe inside with all kinds of snacks and beverages available for purchase. In addition, the tender boat’s crew grabbed a big chunk of the glacier and made “glacier-ritas” – an adult beverage that could be purchased for $8. The rest of the glacier piece that didn’t get used to make adult beverages was brought back onto the Disney Wonder where it was displayed on the top deck for guests to see. Have you ever touched a glacier?

Everywhere you looked, it was breathtakingly beautiful with snowcapped mountains surrounding us on either side. We were able to see a seal and mountain goats, too!

Watch the video below and enjoy!

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