We are starting to see hope on the horizon for those hoping to hit the open seas with Mickey and Friends. Disney Cruise Line is still quiet on the matter and has not confirmed when sailings will officially resume. Although we can only speculate, let’s look at the evidence at hand.

Royal Caribbean completed its test cruise of Freedom of the Seas which ended June 22. A week later, it was granted a Conditional Sailing Certificate (June 29). On July 2, Freedom of the Seas left with its first paying guests. This was less than two weeks (11 days to be exact) after completing the test cruise.

A Disney Cruise Line test cruise on the Disney Dream set sail on July 17, two short days ago. Members of the DCL Fan Facebook group are reporting that they have been able to check-in and receive boarding groups and port arrival times for as early as the August 9th sailing on the Dream. With little to no communication otherwise from Disney Cruise Line, it does seem like a good sign that check-ins are happening.

I realize that in the early part of the pandemic, cruise check-ins were going on as well. I remember checking in for our cruise in August of 2020 with hope in my heart as we snagged a Palo brunch reservation and the earliest boarding time on what would be our first-ever sailing. That rug was quickly pulled out from under us. Regardless, things are a little different now and it’s hard to believe Disney Cruise Line would drag their feet this long on canceling a cruise scheduled to leave port in three weeks. Now we have guests checking in and making their final arrangements. Given Royal Caribbean’s quick return following their successful test cruise, I am going to speculate that if all went well on the Dream test cruise, we may see the August 9th cruise sail with a load of happy paying customers.

I’d love to know your thoughts. Drop us a comment below if you think we will see the Dream set sail on August 9th. Stay tuned to DCL Fan for the latest updates on all things Disney Cruise Line. If you are ready to get in on the action and book a Disney Cruise, head on over to Dreams Unlimited Travel, and our expert travel agents will help plan your trip. Word on the street is there are still some staterooms available on what we are speculating may actually be the first sailing back, August 9th on the Disney Dream.

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