When the Disney Wish launches in 2022, there will be a new scavenger hunt-style game for guests to take on during their cruise. The new game is called Disney Uncharted Adventure and it will utilize the Play Disney Parks app on your phone and the game starts before you even start your cruise! This game is essentially the next evolution of the Midship Detective Agency game you can find on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy Ships.

The heart of the game is interactive storytelling. This style of storytelling is already found in Disney Parks at attractions like Toy Story Mania, Turtle Talk with Crush, and the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Data Pad, but this is the next evolution. Guests are able to become the heroes of their own story during their cruise. The first-of-its-kind immersive adventure gives guests the chance to interact with Disney characters and stories in a new way.

The idea of the game begins with sailors and wayfinders who looked to the night sky for inspiration and guidance. Of course with Disney the Wishing Star is the key star and the most important one – that’s why one of the Disney Cruise Line horn sounds is “When You Wish Upon A Star.” If wishing upon a star makes your dreams come true, what happens when that star goes missing? That’s when the game starts.

Guests sailing on the Disney Wish will have access to a special new section on the Play Disney Parks App. Once you’ve made your reservation at home, you’ll receive a message from Captain Minnie and Mickey Mouse with a greeting and they’ll tell you about some of the special stars you’ll be able to view aboard the Disney Wish. These are magical stars and to see them you’ll need a magical spyglass that Minnie will provide by enchanting your phone. The goal is to build excitement for the worlds of Disney and Pixar that you’ll encounter during your cruise.

Once you’re on the Disney Wish the real fun begins. This is a multi-player game that can handle up to 6 guests. You need at least one smartphone with the Play Disney Parks app to play and up to 6 people can be added on that one device or each of the 6 people on your team can have their own device. You’ll use the magic spyglass to look to the night sky to see different stories from Moana, Princess and the Frog, Peter Pan, and Finding Nemo. In the middle of all the constellations is the Wishing Star. However, the weather gets rough and the Wishing Star is struck by lightning and shatters sending pieces to the different constellations. Captain Minnie and Mickey Mouse then ask you to use your spyglass to navigate to the different constellations to recover the pieces of the Wishing Star. This is when the scavenger hunt begins.

Like the Midship Detective Agency, you’ll then navigate the ship to different portraits throughout the halls. When you hold the magic spyglass up to the portraits they’ll come to life and you’ll have to play an interactive game. Your quest will continually send you to a new location to play a different game until the quest is finished. If there is a difficult task to complete, you may have to head to the Grand Hall and power up the ship in a special way by holding the magic spyglass towards Cinderella’s glass slipper or the chandelier.

As of now, there will only be 4 quests based on the movies previously mentioned, but more could be added. You can choose to play all 4 different quests or you can play only the ones you’re interested in. You don’t have to completely finish the quests and you can do them on your own schedule. Have to get to dinner or the show? Take a break and you can start back up as soon as you’re finished, just like with the Midship Detective Agency game.

The game ends with a finale moment that will happen at the end of the cruise in the Luna multi-purpose venue. You find out who the villain is in that moment, or you look at the art used to represent the game, and everyone on the cruise playing the game will work together to defeat the villain. That’s the only way to get the Wishing Star back into the night sky. This finale event will include a live host in a big show and it will end it all with a bang.

A key takeaway is this experience is meant to be a “head’s up experience.” While you need a smartphone to play the game, the idea is you use it as the magical spyglass, but then keep your head up as you’re navigating and exploring the ship. Ultimately, the game combines imagination and technology into an immersive experience for all ages bringing your favorite Disney and Pixar stories to life.

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