I’ve been doing a whole lot of thinking (and dreaming, let’s be honest) about the Disney Wish ever since Disney Cruise Line revealed the ship’s glorious details. In line with Zoë Wood’s armchair Imagineering article over on the DIS today, I am doing a bit of the same over here.

I just can’t get over the fact that the kids are getting a slide from the ship’s atrium directly into the Oceaneer Club. Do you remember seeing it right there in the ship’s atrium? How do they rate getting so lucky with A SLIDE? What about us parents who have dealt with their shenanigans for [what feels like] a thousand years?


What about the grown-ups? We like slides, too. Well, I suppose that I should speak only for myself, but OH MY GOSH, I want a slide – hear me out on this for just a minute if you’d be so kind.

All of the adult spaces on the ship – Cove Cafe, Cove Bar, and Quiet Cove Pool – are located on Deck 13, Aft, and I have found that whenever I’m at any of those three locations, I don’t particularly want to leave regardless of what time it is. But if there was a slide…?

If leaving the area meant that I could open a secret door and fly down a slide to the atrium, I might be more inclined to leave and get on with my day or evening as the case may be.

Who knows? Maybe it’s a crazy thought, but it’s one that popped into my mind as I booked my first cruise on the Disney Wish for the summer of 2022 and I thought I’d see if any other grown-ups out there wants a slide too. After all, we’re all kids at heart, no?

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