It’s no question that a Disney Cruise vacation is packed full of fun for all ages, but it also provides an immense amount of relaxation. Disney’s ship fleet has what seems to be an infinite amount of activities on board, but also included are several quiet areas that are idyllic for tranquility and unwinding.

Let’s daydream about five of the most relaxing spots on a Disney Cruise ship, shall we?

1. Quiet Cove Pool

Pictured above, Quiet Cove on the Disney Fantasy ship.

Included in the price of your cruise, is the ever peaceful adult-only pool area on all Disney ships: Quiet Cove Pool. Exclusive for those ages 18 and up, this area of the ship feels like you’re in your own world away from all the loud, (but also fun, don’t get me wrong!), excitement on the ship.

The Disney Fantasy ship and Disney Dream ship also have an additional “pool” area exclusive to adults; Satellite Falls. This sit-in miniature pool with a waterfall feature is pure bliss, especially on a hot day with a “drink-of-the-day” in hand.

Pictured above, Satellite Falls on the Disney Fantasy ship.

2. Cove Cafe


Adjacent to the Quiet Cove pool area, the Cove Cafe is a coffee lover’s dream. Not only is this also a quiet adult-only area, but it is air-conditioned and cozy too! Specialty coffees, teas, and other drinks are offered here for purchase, however, the pastries and treats are complimentary with your cruise. This is an excellent spot for an afternoon break.

3. Deck 4


Yes, you read that right! Deck 4 is one of the best (and most underrated) places to go for some quiet time on any of the Disney ships. Tucked below the magical madness of the upper decks, lies the shady and breezy deck 4. Here, you can choose to go for a stroll around the outdoor jogging track, sit down to read a book, play shuffleboard, or just nap in a lounge chair in the shade.

Deck 4 is one of the most relaxing not-so-secret, secrets of a Disney Cruise!

4. Night Lounges


While there are plenty of opportunities to have a high-energy good time in a nightclub on your Disney cruise vacation, there are a few specific bars/ lounges that have a calming ambiance. On the Disney Magic, the Keys lounge is a nice piano bar to kick back in and enjoy the sounds of classic music. On the Disney Wonder, the “sister” lounge (similar to Keys on the Magic) is the Cadillac Lounge; it also offers classic music performed by talented pianists. On the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, the go-to lounge to relax in is the Skyline Lounge; an upscale cocktail bar with “views” of city skylines.

5. Senses Spa and Salon


Probably the most obvious place for ultimate relaxation and tranquility on a Disney ship is the Senses Spa and Salon. This is the epitome of what it means to unwind and recharge. While this spa experience is not included in the original price of your Disney cruise, many would argue that if you’re looking for total relaxation, rejuvenation, and pampering, this is worth every penny. Along with most of the other relaxing spots on a Disney cruise listed above, Senses Spa and Salon is also exclusive to adults.

pictured above, Quiet Cove Pool on the Disney Wonder ship.

Whether you’re looking to fully indulge in a specialty spa treatment, soak up some vitamin D in the sun, or just looking to get lost in a book while listening to the sounds of the ocean, Disney Cruise Line definitely has relaxation in your best interest!

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