We all vacation differently, so for this week’s Would You Rather: DCL Edition, we are asking a different type of question:

When you are cruising, would you rather find opportunities to dress up or keep it casual?

Does your vacation style like the chance to dress up and feel like the prince and princess of the ball, or would you rather keep those casual vibes coming and enjoy your flip-flops and messy hair?

2 thoughts on “Would You Rather: DCL Edition – Casual or Fancy?

  • I prefer more casual attire. I certain like the fact that on formal and I formal nights you can still dress comfortable. When you go to have dinner I like to be comfortable and relaxed.

  • I have to dress up for work 5 days a week, so I prefer casual on a cruise! In fact, we only sail on DCL now because other cruise lines require a certain dress code in the lounges after a certain hour, and I hate dressing up when I’m on vacation. We wear our fun Disney attire 24/7 when we’re sailing!

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