If you’re someone who enjoys stopping at the quick service dining locations aboard the Disney cruise ships, I thought we’d take a peek at the measures currently in place to ensure that everyone’s safe while grabbing their French fries. I’m currently sailing on the Disney Fantasy on a gifted cruise; that being said, I’ll be sharing my honest observations and thoughts.

Gone are the days of lining up at the individual quick service windows; currently on the Disney Fantasy, guests are asked to line up in one centralized queue while maintaining physical distancing. Once you reach the beginning of the line, a crew member will ask you to use the hand sanitizer station and will then ask you what food items you’d like to order and instruct you to approach a certain counter. If there’s a person already ordering from that counter, the crew member will ask you to wait on a physical distancing dot until it’s your turn to step up and order.

Guests can order all quick service food items at every window; windows are not currently specific to the food items listed on the coordinating menu boards.

If you’re a fan of the toppings bar, be warned that it’s not currently in use. Daily specials, along with fan-favorite pizzas, fresh fruit, and standard fare, are still offered at the windows.

The overall number of tables in the area has been reduced, but the ship’s capacity has been as well, so guests can still find plenty of tables at which to eat.

I didn’t mind the new measures at all. It’s different than simply walking up to the windows to get what you want, but it’s understandable that DCL needs to keep crowds managed. And it’s good to know going into it that the process has been just altered a bit from what it standardly is. As long as you and I can get our hands on our favorite snacks and nibbles, it’s all good, right?

What’s your favorite quick service snack to enjoy onboard the Disney Cruise Line ships?

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