Disney Cruise Line treats guests sailing in the fall to a wickedly good time as the Disney ships transform into a ghoulish wonderland during Halloween on the High Seas cruises. This extra-spooky celebration features Halloween-themed parties, lively entertainment, elaborate décor, and frightfully fun events and activities. (Kent Phillips, photographer)

Disney Cruise Line’s Halloween on the High Seas cruises are a guest favorite, and while the status of the 2021 Fall season is still pending, the Fall 2022 cruises have been released, and include the ever-popular Halloween-themed cruises – including Halloween-themed cruises on the brand new Disney Wish.

No matter the length of your cruise, Disney Cruise Line’s Halloween on the High Seas cruises offer a mix of family-friendly Halloween festivities and the normal combined with the nautical entertainment of a typical sailing. However, packing this all into a 3-night cruise, while fun, can leave your head spinning if you don’t plan accordingly.

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What activities can you expect on a 3-Night Halloween on the High Seas cruise?

The Disney Dream usually hosts most of these 3-night sailings. However, coming in 2022, the Disney Wish will carry on the Halloween on the High Seas nautical tradion, and there are several 3-night getaways on the schedule. Now don’t worry, you will not be short-changed on a 3-night cruise. Most of the Halloween-themed activities that take place on longer cruises, will also occur on the shorter sailings.

  • Storytime with the Caretaker at the Pumpkin Tree
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Sing and Scream
  • Mickey’s Mouse-querade Party
  • Adults-only costume contests
  • Trick-or-treating
  • Special food and drink menus

You simply have a more compact time frame to enjoy them.

Halloween on the High Seas cruise decor on the Disney Dream
Photo Credit: Melanie Clatfelter

Strategy 1: Go for it. Go for all of it!

This is the “Go Big or Go Home” strategy. You are only onboard for three short nights, so try to pack in as much nautical and spooky fun as you can. 

Go to all of the shows. Trick or treat like a pro, and pack a costume for Halloween fun AND pirate night festivities (both of which happen on the same night on 3-night sailings – usually on the same night).

Sure, you’ll be walking off the ship looking like a real zombie, instead of a costumed one, but you will know that you made the most of every single moment. 

I do not recommend this for families with small children. This strategy is great for teens and groups sailing with adults only. 

Halloween on the High Seas  cruise decor on the Disney Dream

Strategy 2: Selective Plan of Attack

If you want to maximize your fun, but you still want to relax a bit, or enjoy the ports of call (usually Nassau, Bahamas and Disney’s Castaway Cay), you will need a more selective approach to choosing your cruise activities. 

On a short cruise that mixes in a holiday theme, I like to relax onboard while the ship is docked in Nassau. This allows me time to enjoy brunch at Palo and time by the pool. Then I am well rested when it’s time to get dressed up and party. 

If you really do want to enjoy your time on land instead, be sure to pack your sunscreen and stay hydrated. Sunburns do not mix with Halloween costumes and makeup.

Don’t forget, Pirate Night costumes are still Halloween costumes. While hard core Halloween on the High Seas sailors will dress differently for each event, it really isn’t necessary. One costume is easier to pack than two, and you won’t be running to your room for a quick change from your Halloween costume into your pirate regalia.

I recommend this strategy for fun-loving families with kids.

Halloween on the High Seas cruise decor on the Disney Dream
Photo Credit: Melanie Clatfelter

Strategy 3: Nice and Easy Does It

Disney Cruise Line does an amazing job making sure that guests of every age enjoy the Halloween festivities. Having said that, I take a more relaxed approach to the happenings on these very short sailings.

I use my Daily Navigator to get an overview of the activities, and if it’s something I want to do or see, I try to be somewhere nearby when the time is right.

For example, Mickey’s Mouse-querade Party is usually held in the Lobby Atrium. So, on the Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy, you will probably find me at the Vista Cafe, enjoying a nice coffee and soaking in the party atmosphere on a comfy sofa.

This is my preferred strategy these days. I’ve done the “Go Big” -style of sailing, and it was a blast. Everyone should do it once. These days, I enjoy a slower pace with a dash of excitement.

No matter your style, the best way to get the best price is to book your sailing early. 

Which Holiday Cruise Strategy is Right for Your Family?

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Videos to Help You Plan a Halloween on the High Seas Cruise

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