Disney Cruise Line unveiled a new restaurant concept with the addition of Pixar Day at Sea. The Hey Howdy Breakfast features Jessie, Woody, Bullseye, and other crew whooping it up, singing, dancing, and yodeling while you eat what is mostly traditional breakfast fare.

When I called it a Character Breakfast, I was quickly corrected in that it is NOT a Character Breakfast. The reason is that that experience implies meet and greets whereas this breakfast does not have any close contact.

This experience fits fine in Animators Palate. There is no set stage area, but rather the walkways of the restaurant served as their stage. A bunch of different acts featuring one or more characters doing a musical number for about ten minutes, followed by about the same quiet time. By the time you are done enjoying your food, you likely would have witnessed all the different acts as they begin to loop again.
While I miss meeting and greeting, it’s important to realize that there is plenty of that onboard, and it was nice not to wait in lines and just enjoy the segments from your table as the entertainment flowed around you.

This breakfast does not cost extra (It is included in your Pixar Day at Sea cruise fare), but you will have to make a reservation for it as availability is limited.

Also, the breakfast was offered on many days of our cruise and not just on the designated Pixar Day at Sea.

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