I have been going to Disney all my life, but I always turned down the idea of a Disney Cruise when I was younger because I thought a Titanic situation would happen to my mom and me. When I grew up and realized that it wasn’t something that would happen to me, I started thinking maybe I should do a Disney Cruise. My wife and I a year ago decided to finally book a Disney Cruise with the help of Dreams Unlimited Travel. As the year went by, as we waited for our cruise, we kept sharing how excited we were to go on this adventure, and we asked a million questions. We did the 3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral on the Disney Dream on Memorial Day Weekend of 2022.

Disney Dream

First, I want to talk about everything I loved on the cruise, starting with the service. The service on the ship is so different from what we currently experience in the Disney theme parks. That mainly has to do with seeing the same cast members every day on the cruise. These cast members do anything to establish a relationship with you, especially the dining team and your room host. On the first night of the trip, we met a fantastic cast member that is part of the entertainment team on the ship. The entertainment team is the cast members that do the different activities on the ship like trivia and karaoke, and they even hang out by the stage while guests wait to see Sail Away.

On our first night, the cast member I met was stationed at the adult club/lounge area, The District. His first name is Boston, and he is from the United Kingdom. I was grabbing snacks for the game night at Evolution, and he was curious about what I was getting. He then found my wife and me in Evolution and sat with us. We talked for what felt like hours, and he helped us take photos at the end of the night. Meeting Boston made the difference between the parks and cruise line very clear. Our dining team was so lovely. On the second night, they made us feel special by celebrating our fifth anniversary and bringing out a special treat for us to share. Our room host Ida was terrific and made the best towel animals. We loved coming back to the room at night to see what animal we’d get next.

Towel Animals

Mauricio from Mexico, the cast member who hosted all the Evolution events, was another cast member that stood out to us. He was such a great host. Mauricio had so much energy and great comedic timing. He took the time to talk with us and even dance with us during the silent dance party. I strongly suggest visiting Evolution for nightlife entertainment if you are 18 years old or older because we had a blast. Even though it’s a basic buffet, we loved Cabanas for breakfast, and the food was delicious. They were so accommodating about my dietary restrictions. The staff would radio for a leader anytime I asked for allergy-friendly food to ensure I was helped properly. Each morning they filled out these pink slips with my breakfast order and brought the order to the table we were sitting at. The pink slips list each allergy they can accommodate, and as they assist you, they check off which allergy you have, what you want to order, where you are sitting in the restaurant and your room number.

The dinner team was also great about my dairy allergy and ensured that anything I ordered would be made without dairy. The team ensured that I got a different dairy-free dessert each night, which made me so happy. I might not have been able to participate in the unlimited soft serve, but Vanellopes Sweets and Treats had vegan ice cream and dairy-free toppings. It was one of the best vegan ice creams I’ve ever had, and I already miss it.

Allergy-Friendly Treats

Last but not least of my favorite things is the entertainment. The entertainment here is top tier and better than anything I’ve ever seen. On the Disney Dream, they have a different show in the Walt Disney Theatre each night. The first night was The Golden Mickeys, which I loved, and of course, it made me cry. They had the award-winning show Beauty and the Beast on the second night, which was out of this world. On the last night of the cruise, the show was Believe, the signature show for this ship. It wasn’t my favorite show out of the three, but I did think it was excellent. It is incredible to see these performers in each show and see the range of talent they have.

My wife loved The Golden Mickeys and continued to rave about it the entire trip. For me, Beauty and the Beast was the best show on the trip. We loved Pirate night. Pirate night was when we were officially sold on the Disney Cruise Line and talked about booking another trip. The show was so fun, and to see fireworks at sea blew us away.

Disney Dream Entertainment

This is just a summary of all the things we loved about our Disney Cruise. I will write more in-depth pieces about our trip, like our experience at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in The Bahamas, and which rotational dining location was the best. Before I got into all those nitty-gritty details, I wanted to share everything I really loved. I guess all I can say now is that Pete was right.

Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise?

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